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100 Story Building delivers creative writing workshops in schools to support narrative units inside classrooms.

Our approach unlocks the imagination and creativity in children, so that they are eager and willing to participate in the writing process.

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Our programs are ACARA-aligned and support the Creating Text and Creating Literature requirements of the curriculum.

Our structured storymaking workshops promote idea generation, risk-taking, creative expression, confidence and amplify student voices. We collaborate with students and teachers to create stories in many different formats including comics, drawn plans and written works.

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Our school workshops cover a range of narrative storytelling devices, strategies and concepts, each with connections to the Australian Curriculum. Students leave the workshop with all the ideas and tools they need to let their own creative writing take off.

Cost (at 100 Story Building): $225 +GST per workshop. Costs waived for schools with ICSEA values 1000 and below.
Cost (at your school): Starts at $450 + GST per workshop
Length: 1.5-2 hours
Grades: We adapt our workshops to suit individual grade levels. See recommendations below.

For more information, contact Simon on 9044 8215.


100 Stories Down

Recommended for Grade 1–6

100 Story Building might not be the tallest building in the southern hemisphere, but it sure is the deepest. There are 99 stories below accessible by a very old and creaky trapdoor. But not all of the floors have been explored. Use your illustration and imagination skills to create settings and ideas to propel your creative writing 100 stories down!

Students create illustrated plans using world design, collaborative storytelling and inferring.



Recommended for Grades 3–9

Here at 100 Story Building, we are an undecided lot. We just can’t decide which story bits we like better – words or pictures. Luckily for us, some smart cookie went and created a storytelling format that puts the two together. Comics! We love ‘em, and we would like to share ‘em, particularly the making of ‘em. Mine events from your life to create an autobiographical comic.

Students conceptualise and plan a story in comic form using their own life experiences.


Space Write

Recommended for Grades 1–6

Did you know that 100 Story Building hosts its own galaxy? We’re offering you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pilot a craft to this new world,  uncover the terrain and create your very own replica planet for further study home. Your comprehensive studies of landform, lifeform characteristics and planetary properties will help us better understand our place in the stars!

Students explore world design, character development and decision-making.


A Perilous Quest

Recommended for Grades 5–9

Some days, we like to go on a quest – a journey fraught with obstacles and, sometimes, a little bit of danger. Don’t worry though, we allow all heroes to embark on their quests with a Hero’s Backpack, filled with objects that may prove useful in a tricky spot. Create a map of a strange land, profile your hero and their nemesis, fill your hero’s Backpack, then make a start on an adventure story!

Students explore world design, character development and decision-making.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Recommended for Grades 3–9

Ever wondered what would happen if a character in a book went through a different door? Or jumped out of the window? Or just turned around and walked away? Use ‘branching’ storylines that video games rely on, and let the reader choose which path the character takes. Create a many-ended story!

Students explore world design, character development and decision-making.

Cannot find what you are looking for?

We support ongoing narrative units and writing programs at schools through co-designed programs that focus on the specific needs of a class or group of students. These can range from a suite of workshops to term-long programs.

We share tools and approaches to make writing more engaging, imaginative and energetic by supporting imaginative world design, creative decision-making and the editing process.

We are keen to understand your creative needs. Contact our Program Manager Simon Conlon at or 9044 8215 with inquiries.

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