For Schools and Community


These story workshops for schools and community will get creative juices flowing and foster a love of reading and writing. Our focus is on working with young writers and schools from culturally and linguistically diverse and marginalised backgrounds, but we also provide fee-based workshops.

School Workshops

Our school workshops cover a range of narrative storytelling devices, strategies and concepts, each with connections to the Australian Curriculum. They are designed to develop understandings of core elements of narrative process and craft through fun and engaging activities.

Cost: $7/student. Minimum workshop cost $175. Teachers and accompanying adults free. Costs waived for schools with ICSEA values 1000 and below.
Length: 2 hours
Grades: Tailored to suit class level and abilities. See individual workshops for recommended grades. Workshops are adaptable for Prep-Grade 1 students, but please call to discuss.
When: Up to 2 workshops per day during school terms. Other times available on request.
Where: 100 Story Building, 92 Nicholson St, Footscray 3011

Maximum 32 students/workshop.



100 Stories Down

Recommended for Prep – Grade 6

100 Story Building might not be the tallest building in the southern hemisphere, but it sure is the deepest. There are 99 stories below our writing workshop, accessible by a very old and creaky trapdoor. But not all of the floors have been explored. Use your illustration and imagination skills to create settings and ideas to propel your creative writing 100 stories down!

Students create illustrated plans using world design, collaborative storytelling and inferring.

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Recommended for Grades 3–9

Here at 100 Story Building, we are an undecided lot. We just can’t decide which story bits we like better – words or pictures. Luckily for us, some smart cookie went and created a storytelling format that puts the two together. Comics! We love ‘em, and we would like to share ‘em, particularly the making of ‘em.

Students conceptualise and plan a story in comic form, exploring the conventions of storytelling and the fundamentals of professional book-making processes.

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Space Write

Recommended for Grades 3–9

Did you know that 100 Story Building hosts its very own galaxy? We’re offering you an exclusive opportunity to not only discover and name your own planet in our galaxy, but also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pilot a craft to this new world, send out a rover to uncover the terrain, and create your very own replica planet for further study back on the skydeck, or from the comfort of your own home. Your comprehensive studies of landform, lifeform characteristics and planetary properties will help us better understand our place in the stars!

Students explore world design, character development and decision-making.

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A Perilous Quest

Recommended for Grades 5–9

Some days, a mere 100 Story Building is just not enough for a class full of creative heroes. That’s when we like to go on a quest – a journey fraught with obstacles and, sometimes, a little bit of danger. Don’t worry though, we allow all heroes to embark on their quests with a Hero’s Backpack, filled with objects that may prove useful in a tricky spot. Create a map of a strange land, profile your hero and their nemesis, fill your hero’s Backpack, then make a start on an adventure story!

Students explore world design, character development and decision-making.

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In Your School/Community


Looking to open the doors of your classroom to support your students’ literacy, creative confidence and belonging? Need some help with resources, planning and delivery? Would you like to run creative workshops to engage children and young people but not sure where to start? We co-create workshops and projects with schools, children’s and youth services and festivals that support children and young people to stretch their imaginations, take creative risks and spark their love for learning.

Cost: Varies depending on outcomes and duration.
Length: Workshops range from 1 hour to full day sessions. Programs range from 2 days to term-long, multi-year projects.
Ages: 6-18 years

In the past, our collaborations have included:

  • Teacher professional learning projects with Heatherhill Primary School and Laverton P-12 College
  • Interactive storytelling installations for MPavilion, Communities for Children Hume, Darebin City Council, Big West Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival, Think West and Footscray Pop-Up School
  • Family Story Day with Asylum Seekers Resource Centre and Story Peddlers
  • Urban Safari with Foundation House

We also work with literacy leaders and teachers to plan programs that support your student’s needs. Call Lachlann on 9044 8215 for a chat!


Opening Up the Trapdoor

A professional learning program for teachers

This collaborative professional development project for teachers supports them to embed creative approaches into their literacy program. It provides teachers and educators with a framework for the development of:

  • Program design strategies for the development of a term-long narrative unit
  • Facilitation skills and strategies for creative learning
  • Deep understanding of professional creative practice, including how authors and editors work
  • Evaluation strategies built around continuous improvement, that provide clear evidence of change in learning

Schools that have participated include: Footscray North Primary School, Footscray West Primary School, Heatherhill Primary School, Hoppers Crossing Secondary College, Laverton P-12 College, Movelle Primary School, Preston North East Primary School, Royal Children’s Hospital Education Institute, St Albans Primary School, St John’s Primary School, St Monica’s Primary School, St Peter Chanel Primary School, St Theresa’s Primary School, Sunshine Harvester Primary School.

Cost: Varies depending on outcomes and duration.

Length: Ranges from one-off introductory workshops to year-long partnerships

Year Level: Suitable for Prep- Grade 10

Schools are invited to express their interest in this project. Contact Lachlann on 9044 8215.


Early Harvest

Recommended for Grades 3-8

Terms 1, 2 and 3

Early Harvest is a dynamic program that brings together an editorial board of upper-primary students, and provides them with mentoring and workshops to publish an issue of the yearly literary journal early harvest.

In 2018, we are supporting schools in Greater Dandenong to integrate this publishing project for 10-12 year olds into narrative unit. Give your class the opportunity to write, edit and submit work for publication in issue seven of early harvest!

In 2017, the participating schools included: Albion Primary School, Sunshine College, Sunshine Heights Primary School, Mother of God Ardeer Primary School, St Monica’s Primary School, Catholic Regional College St Albans, Deer Park North Primary School, Christ the King Braybrook Primary School, St Albans Heights Primary School, Holy Eucharist Primary School and St Theresa’s Primary School.

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Special Collaborations




Stories on Show

Activity-based workshops and installations to draw in and draw out stories, comics and ideas from young visitors to your event, festival or public space. Our storytelling activities are tailored to your purpose and space to provide an interactive, collaborative and/or reflective experience for children ages 6+.

Past projects have included:

• ‘Tendrils’ – MPavilion was taken over by mysterious sonic tendrils and workshop participants were encouraged to translate the messages these Tendrils were transmitting by writing or drawing what they heard.

• ‘Kite Tales’ – Children of all ages joined us in the Darebin Kite Festival storytelling tent to make their very own comic strip tales, letting them fly away on the end of their kite.

‘Paper Fire’ – a group of upper-primary students at Footscray Primary School took over the airwaves by planning, writing and producing a series of radio plays, under the guidance of mentors from SYN Media and Express Media.

• ‘The BLOOD! DEATH! SHOW!!’ – students from Deer Park North Primary School descended on the 100 Story Building skydeck and installed a creepy haunted house they created alongside artist JOF for the Big West Festival.

Click here to view further details on our past projects and collaborations. 

For more info, contact Lachlann on 9044 8215.