Early Harvest 2013


Issue 2, published November 2013

RRP $16.95

+ postage


Prepare for the apocolypse! This year, early harvest is going both alien and undead. Featuring stories and poems from young writers (plus a spooky Sally Rippin and an intergalactic Jen Breach), this issue is sure to scare your socks off. Or just blow your mind with gamma rays. Either way, you’ll need a copy of early harvest to ensure you know important survival information, including:

  • If you go to a Vampire and Werewolf school, only vampires have to do a flying test and only werewolves have to do a sprinting test, but everyone has to do science and history tests.
  • The Age is where you hear all breaking news, including everything about the asteroid impact on Zorax.
  • Being a zombie can really suck. Suck brains, that is.

The Editorial Board promises that all purchasers have a spot reserved on the last spaceship to leave Earth.

Issue 2, for ages 8+ who don’t mind scary stories.