Early Harvest 2014

Early Harvest 2014

Issue 3, published November 2014

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This third issue of early harvest will take you through a literary black hole to stories of mystery, darkness and the Unknown. Featuring stories and poems by local young writers, along with a very special Andy Griffiths-Terry Denton treehouse mystery, this issue may just solve all of your known problems. Ok, fine, it may not solve all your problems but it WILL give you access to an incredible universe of creativity and by the time you finish reading it you’ll be inspired, invigorated and amazed.

A blurb can’t unravel the mysteries of the universe for you. (After all, we got an adult to write it.) So the only thing to do really, is to go ahead and get sucked in to early harvest!

Issue 3, for ages 10+ who don’t mind stories dealing in darkness and mystery.