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The theme of early harvest issue six is CRIME and MURDER MYSTERY and the young editors (ages 10-12) of the literary magazine have brought together a host of colourful, diabolical characters and plots for you. Look out for caterpillars that kill, books that wail, shootouts at abandoned carnivals and the world’s worst detective who also happens to be a panda! 

The issue features contributions by Andy Griffiths (author of the Treehouse series), Davina Bell (author of The Underwater Fancy Dress Parade and Oh, Albert!), Andrew McDonald (author of Son of Death and The Greatest Blogger in the World), George Ivanoff (author of You Choose series) and young editors and  writers at schools in Melbourne’s west including Caroline Chisolm Catholic College, Christ the King, Deer Park North, Gengala, Holy Eucharist St Albans, Mother of God, St Albans Heights, St Bernadette’s Catholic, St Monica’s Catholic, St Peter’s Catholic, St Theresa’s Albion, Wembley and Yarraville West.


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Early Harvest has done THE IMPOSSIBLE!

The 2016 issue of Early Harvest has been curated by a team of young editors from schools in Melbourne’s west. They have pulled together a mind-bending collection of stories, quizzes and games around the theme of THE IMPOSSIBLE.

There are worms that are afraid of the dark, philosophical bunnies, mutant meatballs, shapeshifting creatures, a unicorn doing the latest dance craze and emojis that come to life!

The stories in this issue come from authors Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton (creators of the Treehouse series) and Alice Pung (author of Laurinda and Unpolished Gem) – and from young writers at schools Melbourne’s west including Catholic Regional College St Albans, St Monica’s Catholic Primary School, Holy Eucharist Primary School, Footscray West Primary School, Footscray Primary School, Wembley Primary School and St John’s Catholic School.

All profits from sales of Early Harvest go back to 100 Story Building to run free literacy programs. 

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You have just downloaded early harvest issue 4. This ‘paper’ stuff might seem low-tech, but look within for tales of great technological wizardry, from robotic cats and raging cyborgs to troublesome printers and teleportation.

Delivered to you by the advanced technology of the printing press, these pages showcase stories for young readers by the people that know them the best: young writers! And possibly Shaun Tan, but you can decide that.

Created by young editors from Footscray Primary School, Footscray West Primary School, St Monica’s Footscray Primary School and St John’s Primary School.

Featuring young writers and illustrators from Footscray Primary School, Kensington Primary School, Deer Park North Primary School, Altona Primary School, North Melbourne Primary School, St Monica’s Footscray Primary School and Gilmore College for Girls.

Issue 4, for ages 8+ who aren’t afraid of the future.

earlyharvesthigh cvr copy

This third issue of early harvest will take you through a literary black hole to stories of mystery, darkness and the Unknown. Featuring stories and poems by local young writers, along with a very special Andy Griffiths-Terry Denton treehouse mystery, this issue may just solve all of your known problems. Ok, fine, it may not solve all your problems but it WILL give you access to an incredible universe of creativity and by the time you finish reading it you’ll be inspired, invigorated and amazed.

A blurb can’t unravel the mysteries of the universe for you. (After all, we got an adult to write it.) So the only thing to do really, is to go ahead and get sucked in to early harvest!

Issue 3, for ages 10+ who don’t mind stories dealing in darkness and mystery.

Early Harvest Cover

Prepare for the apocolypse! This year, early harvest is going both alien and undead. Featuring stories and poems from young writers (plus a spooky Sally Rippin and an intergalactic Jen Breach), this issue is sure to scare your socks off. Or just blow your mind with gamma rays. Either way, you’ll need a copy of early harvest to ensure you know important survival information, including:

  • If you go to a Vampire and Werewolf school, only vampires have to do a flying test and only werewolves have to do a sprinting test, but everyone has to do science and history tests.
  • The Age is where you hear all breaking news, including everything about the asteroid impact on Zorax.
  • Being a zombie can really suck. Suck brains, that is.

The Editorial Board promises that all purchasers have a spot reserved on the last spaceship to leave Earth.

Issue 2, for ages 8+ who don’t mind scary stories.

Psst! You! Yes, you. Want to know a secret? Well, actually, want to know a whole bunch of secrets? Take a look at this magazine — it’s full of some of the best-kept secrets in Australia. Presenting early harvest, an exciting literary magazine created by children. Featuring work by award-winning children’s authors and illustrators such as Terry Denton, Sally Rippin and Sherryl Clark, as well as some very talented children, early harvest is a secret too good to stay secret for long. We don’t want to spoil anything, but inside these pages you’ll uncover stories of altruistic bugs, a dinner to remember and things you didn’t know about your best friends.

Issue 1, for ages 8+.


Have we told you about Pigeons Stories in the Post, Volume II?

  • There are forty-two (forty-two!) contributing authors.
  • It has many evil geniuses, including, but not limited to: a rock intent on world-domination, a science teacher who can’t dance, a soiled nappy-shooting mastermind, a swarm of sugar-crazed wasps, and one regular old evil guy.
  • Three of the stories are actually comics. Or put another way, eighteen of the comics are actually entirely devoid of pictures.
  • The stories are accompanied by excerpts from the letters that the authors and students posted to each other discussing how the stories would be written – kind of like a director’s commentary option in a DVD extras menu, but paper-based.
  • Proceeds from the sale of the book go back into supporting 100 Story Building programs.
  • The story titles in this book are better than the story titles in any other book. Here are just a few examples: ‘Y-front Jocks and Footy’, ‘Odie and the Exploding Toilet’, ‘Generation Nappy’, ‘Super Cat vs. the Evil Guy’.

Don’t you just wish you had your own copy to read? For ages 10+.



You know what’s better than one book? Two books! Stories, comics, letters, games, poems AND amazing illustrations … what more could you want? This pack of books will delight readers 8+. 


Buy button Early Harvest Issue 1 and 2

This is a very special book pack for budding young editors. Two issues of Early Harvest is the perfect way to inspire children to pick up a pen, a book, or a zombie. For ages 8+ who don’t mind scary stories.

Featuring young writers plus award-winning authors and illustrators, including Sally Rippin, Terry Denton, Sherryl Clark, Paul Collins, Jen Breach and  Evi Oetomo. What are you waiting for? Get reading!

What could be better than one, or even two, literary magazines created by young editors for their fellow young readers? THREE literary magazines created by young editors, that’s what! Between the pages of these magazines your young reader will find secrets, zombiealien mishaps, literary black holes and a whole lot of inspiration to get writing, drawing and creating. Featuring stories by young writers alongside some of Australia’s most-loved children’s authors, including Andy Griffiths, Terry Denton and Sally Rippin. Issues 1-3 of early harvest. For ages 10+.


Get all all four backlist issues of Early Harvest for the special price of $60 plus postage.




Get all five issues of Early Harvest for the special price of $70 plus postage.