For Children and Families


Story workshops for primary school-aged children and their families. Read, write and draw yourself on a storytelling journey with us after school or during school holidays!


Early Harvest

In its seventh year, Early Harvest is a dynamic program that brings together an editorial board of upper-primary students, and provides them with mentoring and workshops to publish an issue of the yearly literary journal early harvest.

In 2017, thirteen criminal masterminds (or early harvest editors, if you may) from Melbourne’s west put together the ultimate CRIME and MURDER MYSTERY dossier in form of early harvest issue six. Brace yourself for books that wail, the world’s worst detective, killer caterpillars and a host of other colourful, diabolical and nefarious characters and plotlines!

In 2018, we are collaborating with schools in Dandenong for the program. Workshops will start in February 2018. Find out more about the program here.

Buy early harvest issue six. If crime’s not up your alley, try impossible, technology, zombie/sci-fi or secrets from earlier editions instead.


Story Hubs

Are you interested in a creative space especially for children and young people in your school, local library or community hub? We would love to hear from you – especially if you are a child or a family who lives in or near Sunshine, St Albans or Deer Park. We’re looking to understand what you want in a creative space. Write to us at with your questions or ideas.



Pigeon Post

Have you met our grand poobah P.Jons? P.Jons edits the Pigeon Post, which visitors to 100 Story Building will know is the major source of news, leaks and cats here in the Building. We don’t think you’ve met P. Jons because WE haven’t met P. Jons and we’d be very cranky if you got to do it first. Almost as cranky as P. Jons! But why is P.Jons so cranky?

Subscribe and find out! For ages 6+



100 Story Holidays

To support our free programs for children and young people in Melbourne’s west, we run 100 Story Holidays. This is a series of school holiday writing workshops for kids aged 7 – 11 years who love to write and tell stories.

When: School holidays (usually first week of the holidays)
Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm
Cost: $49/workshop
For ages: 7-12 years
Includes: all materials, takeaway stories, fruit for morning tea

For bookings and more information, check out our holiday workshops here. These workshops support our free programs for children and young people.