For Young People


Meet and share thoughts with fellow writers and readers in our story workshops for young people. A place of your own to read, write or draw your stories. Sometimes, you might even game them.

After-School Workshops

Free, but please book. Fruit provided for afternoon tea.


Level 44 Write Club

For secondary school students

Writing is often a solitary pursuit, but even real authors hook up with their fellow writers every now and then to share their work and bounce ideas around. Whether it be a murder mystery novel, a sci-fi zombie romance comic, or an epic poem about life as a Neanderthal, we can help you develop it, or just provide a quiet space so you can do your writerly thing.

Write Club just released a three-part audio-play murder mystery The Murder of Jessica Sawyer

4:30–5:30pm, every Tuesday during school terms.

We are currently registering new members. So if you or your group of friends are looking for a hide-out to hatch your next creative project, check in!

If you want to join Write Club, please register here.


Level 87 Book Club

For secondary school students

Sometimes, getting lost in a good book requires companionship.

At Book Club you don’t just read and discuss books, you can also consider the merits of blurbs, book versions vs movie versions (and which ones you can skip). You read outside your favourite genres, discuss the books you never finished and the best and worst books on the 100 Story Building bookshelves.

If you’re keen to share a book you love, discover some new ones, or just find a place to curl up and read in peace, then Book Club afternoons at 100 Story Building are just the thing!

4:30–5:30pm, every Wednesday during school terms.

If you want to join Book Club, please register here.