Story Hubs

Creative spaces for children and young people

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Sometimes, even 100 Levels of rip-roaring adventure aren’t enough to contain the imagination and creativity of intrepid young writers.

Which is why, in 2019 we are embarking on a bold, new journey taking three school communities along for the ride: Meadows Primary, Copperfield College and Sunshine Primary.

The three schools have signed-up to pilot our very first Story Hubs: inspiring co-designed spaces for children and young people to let loose their unique creativity, imagination and storymaking skills in.

Modelled on our very tall (or very deep?) 100 Story Building, Story Hubs are imaginative spaces for young writers to pen, draw, read, tell, share, craft and design stories in a comfortable, inspiring place they call their own. Over the next three years, 100 Story Building will work alongside seven Story Hubs and their communities to deliver participatory creative programs that improve wellbeing outcomes for children and young people.

Story Hubs arises out of a year-long feasibility study done by 100 Story Building in 2017. For the study, we spoke to 153 community members including children, young people, family members and staff representing 13 schools, councils and not-for-profit organisations covering youth, health and education services.

The community members we spoke to identified positive outcomes for children and young people of participation in creative activities: increased confidence, connection to community and engagement in formal learning.

However, they lacked easy access to specialised venues such as 100 Story Building, with the skills, knowledge and staff to deliver creative opportunities.

Thus, we conceived of Story Hubs to bring creative spaces within easy accessibility of communities who could most benefit from them.

The consultation process began in Term 1, 2019.

If you are interested in discussing collaborations, pilot partnerships, or having a Story Hub in your school/community, write to us here.

Check out our latest update on the program.

The Story Hubs pilot is possible thanks to the generous support of the Aesop Foundation, The Ian Potter Foundation, The Samuel Nissen Charitable Foundation, H & L Hecht Trust, King and McMillan Foundation, the Australian Communities Foundation and our valued individual donors.


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