Story Hubs

Creative spaces for children and young people

Sometimes, even 100 Levels of rip-roaring adventure aren’t enough to contain the imagination and creativity of intrepid young writers.

Which is why, in 2019 we embarked on a bold, new journey taking three school communities along for the ride: Meadows Primary, Copperfield College and Sunshine Primary.

The three schools have signed-up to the three-year pilot of our first Story Hubs: inspiring co-designed spaces for children and young people to let loose their unique creativity, imagination and storymaking skills in.

Modelled on our very tall (or very deep?) 100 Story Building, Story Hubs are imaginative spaces for young writers to pen, draw, read, tell, share, craft and design stories in a comfortable, inspiring place they call their own. Over 2019, 2020 and 2021, 100 Story Building will work alongside three Story Hubs and their communities to deliver participatory creative programs that improve wellbeing outcomes for children and young people.

The Story Hubs model works through:

  • Installing an imaginative space for children and young people – created by them, for them
  • Increasing the capacity of school and community staff through professional training to engage collaboratively and creatively with children and young people
  • Sustained co-designed programs that embed student engagement in teaching practice and school culture

The outcomes for children and young people are guided by the Story Hubs Theory of Change. Broadly they are focused on:

  • Engagement in learning
  • Confidence
  • Literacy and critical thinking

The Theory of Change was developed alongside the first three Story Hub partner schools in March 2019, with support from our evaluation partner Clear Horizon.

Story Hubs program is the latest link in a worldwide movement towards unlocking creativity in children to develop confident learners who think critically. An exhaustive new OECD report, Fostering Students’ Creativity and Critical Thinking: What it Means in School, is an investigation across 11 countries on what new teaching practices are being implemented to embed creativity and critical thinking into learning environments.

All three Story Hubs have been launched after a whole year of creative consultations with the students led by teachers and 100 Story Building, and are underpinned by fantastical stories.

Sunshine Story Hub is a place of light and dark magic.

Copperfield Story Hub is a gateway to a dragon’s den.

Meadows Story Hub is a traffic control room for inter-dimensional exploration.

The children and their teachers, supported by 100 Story Building staff, will experiment with creative new projects in these imaginative and inspiring spaces over the next two years.

The Story Hubs pilot is possible thanks to the generous support of the Aesop Foundation, The Ian Potter Foundation, The Samuel Nissen Charitable Foundation, H & L Hecht Trust, King and McMillan Foundation, the Australian Communities Foundation and our valued individual donors.


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