100 Story Holidays @ Gasworks, Albert Park

We send co-founder and Program Director, Lachlann, to run our comic-making and book-making workshops not because he’s an amazing artist …

100SB_Holidays Gasworks Lach

… but because this is what a room full of kids on school holidays looks like after he’s finished demonstrating.

100 Story Holidays

Last week, the first 100 Story Holidays workshops of 2013 drew in the crowds at Gasworks. Creative kids brainstormed, storyboarded and produced their own comics and books full of wonderful characters and the odd bit of wisdom. Like don’t misunderstand someone just because they look like a blob. They can still be the good guy.

1ooSB_Holiday Gasworks 1

100 Story Holidays are currently available for school holiday booking by councils, schools and other organisations. All profits from these workshops are used to deliver our free programs to disadvantaged and marginalised children in Melbourne’s west.

100SB_Holidays Gasworks 4

Photos courtesy of Bec Fong.