100 Story Sale 2019

Claim the Treasure Finder Level for yourself!

Last week, 100 Story Building was hit by a mysterious and unexpected solar storm. 

However, instead of opening the trapdoor to total chaos and destruction, we opened it to 99 fascinating new levels. It is a world where you can rub shoulders with Frozen Dragons, Criminal Butterflies and Flying Panda-Dragons or join Agent 65, Mad Queen Marcia and Agent Dark Eye in saving the world (or destroying it). 

As it would be a shame to keep this wild and wonderful world all to ourselves, we are placing all 99 levels on SALE to creative Imagination Investors like YOU. 

Claim your Level today and CHAMPION the creative young minds of tomorrow!

Imagination Investors support the imagination and creativity of children and young people from marginalised backgrounds today, and see their investment grow in form of the unstoppable, innovative problem solvers of tomorrow. 

Research shows that creative individuals are constantly curious, highly motivated, willing to take risks, possess the ability to think outside the square, to combine unusual ideas with more conventional ways of thinking, and to see them to fruition. 

There are no entry barriers to investing in imagination. You can invest as little as $10 for a Bug from the Fat Bug’s Birthday Level or as much as $20,000 for the Majestic Panda-Dragon Level

INVEST IN IMAGINATION and support the creative minds of children and young people in Victoria.

All donations above $2 are tax deductible.