100 Story Star: Anna

Novelist and 100 Story volunteer Anna Snoekstra

Every Tuesday, two Hufflepuffs and a Ravenclaw get together at the Building to plot stories. Occasionally, a Gryffindor or Slytherin may drop in. Luckily, 100 Story volunteer Anna Snoekstra is always at hand to manage the fracas that ensues.

Novelist Anna Snoekstra has been the volunteer coordinator of our weekly Write Club since last December. Under her calm and confident coordination, the Club has written and produced their first audio play The Murder of Jessica Sawyer which set for release in February.

To show our appreciation, the Building residents have selected Anna as our 100 Story Star of the month!

Here’s more about Anna.

When and how did you start volunteering at 100 Story Building?

I started volunteering with 100 Story Building in December last year. So I have just finished my one-year anniversary! I had wanted to volunteer for a long time before this, but always had the terrible luck of being out of town on the volunteer induction days. In the end it was perfect timing though, since the current Write Club volunteer was just finishing up when I finally was able to come along. It must have been written in the stars.  

Share your favourite story from Write Club?

There are so many! Professor McGonagall’s first day at Hogwarts, an ants experience of almost being eaten at a picnic and of course the complex web of stories that make up The Murder of Jessica Sawyer

Some of my favorites from Write Club were the back stories of the characters in the audio play. They didn’t all make it into the final script, but it made all the characters seem so much more real to know all about their pasts. For instance, did you know that Jessica actually had a secret murderous plan herself?

As a published writer, do you think there is anything to learn from the young writers at the Building?

Definitely. I believe that the most important and difficult thing in writing is honesty. The writers at 100 Story have that in spades. There is no pretention or beating around the bush. They write straight from the heart about issues that matter to them. It’s really admirable and inspiring to be a part of.

Who is your favourite character from The Murder of Jessica Sawyer?

There are so many fantastic characters! I love the way Skye thinks and I also find the tension in the Detective/Deputy relationship hilarious. As a favourite, I think I’d have to pick Jaxon. He is morally complex and quick to call someone a ‘donkey girl’, but he’s also full of love and is really trying to do the right thing. Plus he is the prime suspect and everyone loves an underdog!

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