100 Story Star: Jenny Smith

With llamas, narwhals and pigeons stealing our paperwork, messing up phone lines and mixing up time zones, things can get chaotic at 100 Story Building. Luckily, we have volunteers like Jenny Smith to help keep the Building running smoothly.

Jenny comes in weekly to maintain our customer relationship database Salesforce. Thanks to her, our communications with parents, teachers, writers, artists and other stakeholders remain timely and efficient.

Which is why we have selected Jenny as our 100 Story Star of the month! Here’s how Jenny describes her volunteering experience at 100 Story Building.

“I first heard of 100 Story Building through Arts West [an alliance of arts organisations is Melbourne’s west of which 100 Story Building is a member]. I was volunteering for Footscray Community Arts Centre, when I was asked if I wanted to help 100 Story Building. I did, and here I am two years later.

I help the young writers here by helping maintain 100 Story Building. I keep the information they receive clean so that it can be processed and used for future requirements.

I love coming here. It is always fun. It has a great vibe. And all the fabulous people who work here always make me feel welcome and as if what I do is helpful.

My favourite thing to experience is when Simon, Brendan or one of the other facilitators welcomes an adult, child or young person into the Building and takes them on a tour. You can really see them engage as they see the trapdoor, the time machine and the secret room… oh no! Did I just say ‘secret room’? There is definitely NO secret room in the Building.

I would recommend volunteering at 100 Story Building to one and all.”

Thank you, Jenny, for supporting the young writers at 100 Story Building.

If you want to volunteer at 100 Story Building, register here.