What People Say About Us

Oscar, 9: ‘I loved the 100 Story Building workshop. I learnt how to make the series, I’ve been working on even better! I learnt how to make a choose your own adventure story and develop more skills to be a writer…which is what I want to do when I grow up!’

Charlotte, 6: ‘The workshop was so much fun… I came out with a story that I did myself!”

Children’s author Andy Griffiths: ‘I believe passionately in fostering creativity and imagination in children. 100 Story Building provides wonderful opportunities for both students and teachers to develop and exercise these qualities.

Our children’s happiness and future employment prospects will depend upon them being creative and flexible problem-solvers, not rote-learners or test-passers (the robots have pretty much already got this covered).’

Children’s author Sally Rippin: ‘100 Story Building is place where imaginations run wild. From the secret room to the time machine, to the llamas living on level seventy-three, everything about this magical space is full of wild creativity, inspiration and hope for young people, that they too, can make their dreams come true. I couldn’t be prouder to be an ambassador of such a beautiful and important space for children.’

Teacher Valerie Chard: ‘We love the 100 Stories because it’s so engaging! Even students with the toughest behaviour issues become lost in their own imagination as they are working their way through the different components of workshop. They forget that they following the ‘writing process’ and give in to their creativity. They begin to look at everyday objects in new, unique ways. Reluctant writer’s are transformed into risk takers.’

Teacher Renee Dare: ‘It was amazing having a 100 Story Building workshop in our 4/5/6 classes. The facilitator guided the students to come up with ideas for stories, use their creativity, and draw out their ideas. I had some reluctant writers who were suddenly sharing amazing character ideas and storylines and were keen to get going with their writing.’

Robyn Burns, Whitehorse Manningham Libraries: Our library service booked 100 Story Building for a series of six workshops as part of our writing festival in 2018, and found them to be of an extremely high standard. The most impressive aspects were the variety and creativity of the sessions, which the kids loved. The other important aspect was the quality of the presenter (Laura) who ran the workshops with energy and enthusiasm, backed up by heaps of experience. The kids loved collaborating on stories in traditional and non-traditional formats, including podcasting and crafting. If you are looking for experienced presenters with lots of creative ideas, these workshops are ideal.

Rosie Cirrito, St Albans Library: ‘The library cadets [participating children] really enjoyed the Space Write Workshop, we had lots of great feedback from kids and parents alike. Ben was an excellent presenter and helped the kids to create some wonderful stories complete with truly terrifying space monsters.’

Parent Lisa C: ‘My son loves the 100 Story Building. He attends workshops three or four times a year. It’s a great space for encouraging storytelling and creativity. The staff create such an engaging atmosphere and he always comes away with ideas for his own stories.’

Parent Julia F: ‘It [the workshop at Williamstown Literature Festival] was so good for my sons confidence. At school a lot of kids were teasing him about his ‘book series’ but when he walked out of that workshop he was so happy that he got to read it to everyone and they laughed at the funny parts! 🙂 Thanks to guys, he has persisted with his series!’

Author Alice Pung: ‘The 100 Story Building is the great big throbbing heartbeat of Footscray Mall: it has taken hundreds of children and their creativity seriously and produced some seriously terrific work. I am proud to be an Ambassador to such an enterprise, and I love the energy and passion of the staff and volunteers. It is the sort of thing I wish existed when I was a kid and young adult growing up in the West!’

Australian Science Communicators Victoria: We had an awesome storytelling workshop for science communicators last night led by the ever-entertaining and multi-talented Ben McKenzie from 100 Story Building. Thanks for such a great time and valuable learning opportunity.