Introducing …

Ta dah! Introducing the brand, shiny new chapter in our organisation’s ever-unfolding story: 100 Story Building.

That’s right, the bird has a new roost and a new name. As of Thursday October 4, the organisation you have known and loved as Pigeons will become 100 Story Building.

This is an exciting time for us. We’ve spent an incredible amount of time and effort over the past year, working to develop our organisation into something that takes the energy, character and fun of Pigeons, and puts it into an enterprise that is as effective as possible in helping the kids of the west get writing.

Having a physical space and social enterprise activities that help to generate revenue will enable us to extend our programs, reach more children and young people and provide a sustainable foundation for years to come.

We are launching 100 Story Building on Tuesday, October 30. Sign up to our email news list to make sure you receive your invitation. Come along and hear about our exciting new programs, and how you can get involved. We would love to see you all there!

For all of our friends on social media, chatter from 100 Story Building will start showing up in your feeds. We’ll change our Twitter name from @pigeonsprojects to @100StoryB on October 4 (so you don’t have to do anything there), but you can start liking 100 Story Building on Facebook right now.

Let us know what you think about our new beginning – we’re changing our name, but not our love of friendly correspondence!