A new story unfolding

Co-founders Lachlann Carter and Jenna Williams at the first Pigeons publication launch, 2009

Three and a half years ago, we spent an amazing three months interning at 826 Valencia in San Francisco. Since returning to Melbourne, inspired and full of beans, we have had the incredible experience of delivering long term writing projects to over 300 children and young people, connecting them to writers of all sorts, and building

up a large network of pretty incredible people.

Our programs have always been about engaging children and young people in writing, working with the most marginalised kids in the inner west to help them develop the literacy skills, confidence and sense of belonging that are fundamental to their future success.

Throughout all of our work, it has become apparent that a space for these children and young people to connect with the creative community would be of huge benefit. And thanks to the support of so many awesome people, we can now make this happen.

In a few short weeks, we will be unveiling our plans for a centre for young writers in Melbourne’s inner west. We don’t want to give away too much here, but rest assured, we have some pretty exciting stuff to share. We will also be introducing you to our new team, which includes Jess Tran, our Communications Manager, and co-founder of this new venture.

Keep your eye on this page, and our Twitter feed, for more information soon. It’s going to be huge!

Lachlann & Jenna

Pigeons co-founders