Book Club on the Road

Book Club 3 15.09.2017

Level 87 Book Club needed an intervention!

Veterans Darvey and Korik were at war. Korik said he was an avid fantasy reader but hadn’t bothered with the Harry Potter series. Darvey insisted that reading the Potter series was the passage of rite for all fantasy readers. You didn’t get to claim the title without it!

Meanwhile, Elena’s list of unread books was out of control. She needed serious advice on how to finish a few books (one book?) this year. And Michelle kept losing herself down the trapdoor each time she got up for snacks.

So for Term 1 and 2, Level 87 Book Club is going on the road in search of help. Every third Wednesday, it will be holding a lunchtime session at a secondary school in Melbourne’s west to ask students to help them resolve the unresolvable!

The tour starts on March 21 at Gilmore College for Girls.

Do you want to invite Level 87 Book Club to your school? Here’s why your students will love it:

* It is coordinated by young people. It is informal, casual and fun!
* The discussions involve pop culture – movies, television programs, songs – making the discussion relatable to young people from a variety of different backgrounds and interest levels.
* No discussion is off the table including whether movie versions trump books.
* It gives the students a casual out-of-school setting to read and discuss books.
* It connects them with like-minded students from other schools.

Contact us at or on 9044 8215.

Check out when Book Club will hold its regular sessions (open to all 12-18-year-olds) at the Building. To register, go here.

Level 87 Book Club is supported by Maribyrnong City Council.