Stories for School Holidays

100 Story Holidays

Sharpen your pencils, adventurers! Just for this school holidays, the creatures down 100 Story Building are opening up the trapdoor for a few spunky story-loving spirits. It might be your last chance to catch the anti-gravity chamber on Level 47 that is scheduled to self-destruct at 1600 Hours, 20 January 2018.

Book your 100 Story Holidays workshop for January 2018 today! For ages 7-11 years.

Level 63 Podscapade

Monday 15 January

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take a ride in our glass (quartz, dodecahedron, smokey bbq) elevator up and down the levels of 100 Story Building. In this workshop, you will select a level, illustrate a panoramic view of the stories you find there, script a radio play using a simple story structure (fun fact: Pixar movies often follow this!) and then collaborate with your fellow podcasters to record your very own play.

Level 38 SIA

Tuesday 16 January

Trouble is brewing in 100 Story Building. Pigeons are conspiring against humans and hamsters are plotting to steal the plans to a secret invention! In this workshop, you will head out to the Level 38 Secret Intelligence Agency assigned with the mission to infiltrate the animal kingdom. Armed with a secret identity including a new name, disguise, photo ID and passport, you will have to neutralise the nefarious plots and write an official report to your spy chief of your findings!

Level 11 Hidden Rooms (New)

Wednesday 17 January

SECRET ROOMS discovered! Hand-drawn architect’s plans of 100 Story Building have revealed secret rooms on 40 levels of the Building. No wonder the Building’s lost and found box keeps expanding! In this workshop, you will use items from our lost and found box to plan, draw and build dioramas of the secret rooms (including the mysterious entrance to the room) and write an oath that people entering the room must take. Walk away with the diorama, oath scroll and the plans you drafted.

Level 92 The Hero That Went That Way

Thursday 18 January

You know how sometimes you’ll be reading a story and a character makes a decision to do something that you think is really stupid? And you throw the book across the room and yell ‘WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!’? Well, here’s your chance to write a story where your reader gets to decide what happens. A choose-your-own-adventure, one might say. So no one will ever throw your story across the room and yell at it … because they’ll just be yelling at themselves. Make your very own many-ended comic thing.

Cost: $49/workshop

Level 88 Spacecraft

Friday 19 January

Gear up, 100 Story Building space rangers! In this workshop, you will set off on an intergalactic adventure in search of your own very special planet. You will name your planet, and create a diorama of all the strange, wonderful, mysterious flora and fauna that inhabit it.

Just be careful, terrible things could happen there! Return to Planet Earth with your diorama, drawings and tales of amazing rescues.

Cost: $49/workshop


We run 100 Story Holidays to help us support our free programs for children and young people in Melbourne’s west.

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