Bookworms Invited!

Book Club 3 15.09.2017

We need YOU – yes you behind the screen – to attend a special session of Level 87 Book Club on 5 October, 2-4pm and help us, the young people, sort out some important literary matters.

A battle has broken out at our weekly Level 87 Book Club. Ink stains the battlefield with deep passion. Paper rains amongst the soldiers in combat. We just can’t agree which books to discuss next term and what to cover in our next booky podcast!  

Some readerly minds wanted to focus on murder, mystery and mayhem, so bring a Watson and be a Holmes for an unsolved case. Others on magic, fantasy and adventure, so raise your wand or sword as you charge into a victorious crusade. As for the podcast, we just couldn’t agree how to top Professor Snape from the Harry Potter novels who dominated our previous podcast. Though what else can we say other than turn to page 394?

Finally, grizzly but fluffy llamas from Level 32 stomped up and suggested that we leave the decision to you. What and where shall the next adventure take you? Who will you meet? The excitement is there if you decide to come knocking on our doors. Join us and share which book made you miss your tram stop and what booky debates we should discuss in our next podcast. We’re waiting – be ready for plenty of laughs and light-hearted memories.

Bookworms and nerds welcome!

Attendance is free but please register here.

When: 5 October 2017, 2-4pm

Where: 100 Story Building, 92 Nicholson Street, Footscray VIC 3011

Age: 12-18 years