Briefing the Impossible

Editors week 5 copy

Hi again! Last Saturday marked the fourth session for the editorial board to work towards their very own magazine. This week we focused on the magazine cover and were lucky to have Tam, an incredible freelance artist, join us on level 100 to help us with that. (To find out more about her, you can check out her Instagram @tam_aftertam). She gave us a run through of what she does, and how important a brief is when sending a commission to illustrators.

We also had a new member join us, Whiskers, introduced by his trusty friend Brylee-Jo!

To spice the discussion up, editors were given one minute to find a book they loved the cover of. Hurriedly, they searched, picked a book or two and returned to our circle and collectively brainstormed the things they liked about the book cover. And oh man, they had so much to say! From high contrast colours to texture to perspective, they continued to point out a heap of techniques that drew them towards to the covers. Unsurprisingly, all I could think about was how pretty my book cover is. Honestly, the editors just continue to amaze me with how smart they are! Soon enough, the board was filled with all their points, which would help them to write their brief.

The brief consisted of the editors deciding what they must have on their cover, and the impression they wanted to make on future buyers. Tam also helped the editors understand that illustrators love freedom in their work as well as sticking true to their technique in order to produce the best they can do. The editors learned the effort illustrators put into research: drafting, experimenting, coming up with concepts, and how the final product is created. It extended their understanding of the steps to publishing a complete magazine.

During this session, the editors were faced with other challenges and practiced persuading their fellow editors. They learned to work together once again in deciding the contents of the book, and to consider different points of view before making democratic decisions. Although a few were disappointed with the final choices, this was a great way to learn that sometimes things don’t go the way you want, or small sacrifices are sometimes made to achieve the best result.

Anyways, catch you guys next time! Time to find catch Pokémon first though.

Britney out and pout.

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