Story Hub at Broadmeadows

Sunshine Primary students created a place of light and dark magic.

Copperfield College students designed a gateway to a dragon’s den.

On 14 February, it will be the turn Meadows Primary students to unveil their Story Hub: a traffic control room for inter-dimensional exploration!

The Story Hub pilot is an innovative new concept in education being led by 100 Story Building as a part of a three-year $1.5 million program, funded by philanthropic grants.

Its ambition: to co-create tangible spaces for children and their educators to freely experiment in creativity and imagination.

The Principal of Meadows Primary, Anthony Potesta, said, ‘We are delighted to be one of the first to create a Story Hub in our school. Our students have designed the space and are thrilled that their ideas will come to fruition for all to see. It is a positive, fun and inspiring place that has already sparked creativity and imagination.’

Meadows Primary is Victoria’s third school to launch a Story Hub after Sunshine Primary and Copperfield College. Nearly 1,900 children and young people in some of Melbourne’s most marginalised neighbourhoods will be positively impacted by the program.

Each Story Hub is designed by the school children after a year of creative consultations led by teachers and 100 Story Building, and is underpinned by a fantastical story.

The children and their teachers, supported by 100 Story Building staff, will experiment with creative new projects in these imaginative and inspiring spaces over the next two years.

Story Hub is the latest link in a worldwide movement towards unlocking creativity in children to develop confident learners who think critically. An exhaustive new OECD report, Fostering Students’ Creativity and Critical Thinking: What it Means in School, is an investigation across 11 countries on what new teaching practices are being implemented to embed creativity and critical thinking into learning environments.

Lachlann Carter, CEO, 100 Story Building says: ‘Building an inter-dimensional traffic control room is not without its challenges. The kids and teachers at Meadows Primary have been great partners in making the impossible possible!

This innovative learning space is a step towards changing education culture by bringing children’s voices, imagination and creativity to the forefront.

The impact of Story Hub is already being felt. As one Year 5 student put it: ‘It’s not like any plain old room, it’s really exciting. It also changes my personality a bit more. I use more creativity.

Listen to Sunshine Primary students sharing how Story Hubs has impacted their lives.

The Story Hubs pilot is possible thanks to the generous support of the Aesop Foundation, The Ian Potter Foundation, The Samuel Nissen Charitable Foundation, H & L Hecht Trust, King and McMillan Foundation, the Australian Communities Foundation and our valued individual donors.