Calling Eagle-Eyed Editors

It’s cold out, which means it’s nearly Early Harvest time! This year Early Harvest will publish issue number five, all about … well, we don’t know exactly. Not because it’s Unknown (like issue number 3) or beyond the comprehension of humanoids (that would be issue number 4 – Technology), but because just like all of these previous issues the theme of Early Harvest is decided by the young editorial board.

And that’s who we’re tilling for in local primary schools, along with fresh new ideas for themes. So far we’ve looked high and low in Sunshine PS, Deer Park North PS and St Peter’s Sunshine West for eagle-eyed children who have ideas about what their peers like reading and writing about. This is what we’ve dug up so far.

ThemesEarly Harvest is a free program for children aged 10-12 years, running on Saturdays during term 3. We work with teachers at selected schools across Melbourne’s west to bring in editors and contributors to the magazine. Next week we’re at Albion Primary School!

Please contact us if you would like your school to be involved.

Thank you to our Early Harvest facilitators Brendan Barnett and Amarlie Foster, and the teachers and students of Sunshine Primary School, St Peter’s Sunshine West, Deer Park North Primary School and Albion Primary School.

Early Harvest 2016 is supported by Aesop. Workshops in schools are supported by Brimbank City Council.