Consultations with Children & Young People

100 Story Building specialises in conducting consultations with children and young people (ages 6-18) on behalf of councils and community organisations that inform policy development and engage them as active members of their council and community.

In the last five years, we have conducted consultations for Maribyrnong City, Brimbank City, Wyndham City, Hume City and more. (Complete list below).

Our Unique Approach

We design and deliver our consultations with three things in mind:

Context: We provide children a clear understanding of the context in which they are working and the contribution they are being asked to make.

Creativity: We support children to think freely and openly about their responses enabling them to contribute creatively and work through a wide range of original ideas.

Clarity: The framework we provide to children helps them craft responses in a way that is clear to an external audience, with specific and actionable recommendations.

What We Deliver

We facilitate consultations with children and young people that respond to your needs and allow children and young people to contribute to the development of their local area / community.

Our consultations are affordable, adaptable and can be delivered to your timeline.

In general, we conduct creative writing workshops facilitated by 100 Story Building staff. These can be conducted in-school or as a part of out-of-school-hours council programs. Our workshops can be adapted for all age groups.

The workshops deliver a clear, actionable written output designed to:

  • Engage children in the community consultation process in a creative way that captures and distils their original and relevant responses
  • Ensure that every child can contribute meaningfully to the process
  • Provide councils with clear data that can be used in reporting, consultation and community development

The council / organisation is provided with:

  • A report prepared by 100 Story Building analysing and synthesising children’s responses for further use
  • Metadata, including verbal quotes from children and young people, and planning and brainstorming documents

Other outputs can include:

  • Video and/or audio responses from children sharing their feedback and ideas, for use by council and on council’s website. 
  • Assistance designing and facilitating community celebration events
  • Ongoing facilitation to implement and action children’s ideas within the community

Consultation Timeline

Step 1: Confirmation of project details and outputs
Step 2: Consultation workshop timings finalised
Step 3: Consultations conducted
Step 4: Report and outputs delivered
Step 5: Additional workshops conducted if necessary
Step 6: Additional outputs and report materials provided

Why 100 Story Building?

100 Story Building specialises in creatively engaging children and young people. In the last 10 years, we have engaged over 30,000 children and young people through our creative programs, projects and consultations.
We design and facilitate experiences for children that:

  • foster agency and creative risk-taking
  • encourage reflection, critical thinking and considered responses
  • embrace the unexpected and let imaginations roam freely
  • deliver clear, considered and high-quality text-based outputs that can be further developed.

Our extensive experience of working with children over story writing exercises – from two-hour-long workshops to year-long literary projects – gives us a unique insight into the tools guaranteed to get the best responses from children and young people.

Councils We Have Worked With

Maribyrnong City Council
Brimbank City Council
Wyndham City Council
Hume City Council
Melton City Council
Lentara Uniting Care

We love inquiries! Contact Simon Conlon at or at 9044 8215.