Meet the crime masters

Grace & Mary

Former Early Harvest editor and current mentor Caitlin (age 13) caught up with criminal masterminds Mary (age 10) and Grace (age 11) to uncover the mysterious goings-on at the weekly early harvest issue six editorial meets over the last ten weeks!

The theme of the issue is CRIME and MURDER MYSTERY.

Caitlin: Have you enjoyed your Early Harvest experience as an editor?

Grace: Yes, it’s been fun. It’s been a good way to spend my weekend. And it’s really cool that we actually know that it’s actually going to be a magazine.

Mary: Yes a lot.

C: What has been your favourite thing to do as an Early Harvest editor?

M: Choosing artists for the illustrations and making the book.

G: Mine was reading all the stories in the magazine and I also liked the decision making.

C: What has been the most important decision you have had to make as an editor?

M: Choosing the stories.

G: Yeah, choosing the stories.

C: How do you imagine this year’s early harvest launch to be?

G: Really fun, a lot of people to be there and a big party.

M: I think there will be a big party.

C: And if you were to make all the decisions about the launch, what would you do? What types of decorations would you have?

G: I would have ‘do not cross this line’ signs, wanted posters, booths where you could buy the early harvest magazines, where you could get food. Everyone would be invited. We want it [decorations] to be connected to our early harvest because people will see decorations and it might make them interested in buying a copy.

M: I want the launch to also bring out the theme otherwise it will be boring and the same as any other early harvest. And it will make people remember the theme of early harvest issue six and make it stick out from the rest of them.

C: What types of stories have you read? Are they exciting or have they been boring?

G: Some of them have been interesting. Some of them have been bad, well we shouldn’t say they’re bad but they just need improvement.

M: Yeah some of them are interesting, some of them have been bad, some of them haven’t been very exciting and don’t really relate to the theme.

C: And what have been some of your favourite stories that you have read?

G: One of my favourites was about these BFFs that go camping and the girl’s best friend gets kidnapped.

M: I really liked reading ‘Why‘.

C: And why have you liked reading these stories?

G: Because they are fun, interesting and fit the theme.

M: They were interesting and exciting, and those stories were rated five out of five.

C: Thank you girls and well done on making early harvest issue six!

Grace goes by the criminal code name ‘she who should not be named’ and if you knew her you would know she loves Harry Potter.

Mary‘s criminal code name is ‘Hairy Mary’ and if you knew her you would know that she is scared of the circus…every time. 

Caitlin is a proud Hufflepuff and loves Harry Potter. She is also obsessed with The Hunger Games. If Caitlin was a fantasy character she would be a water bender and would be really good at archery. Caitlin loves to read fantasy books almost as most as she loves to sleep, and she loves sleeping. She can’t decide what her favourite book is but she loves The Fault In Our Stars.

We invite children, families and supporters of 100 Story Building to the launch. The fun will be criminal – we promise!

Date & Time: Saturday 11 November 2017, 2:00pm-4:00pm

Where: The Bowery Theatre, St Albans Community Centre, Princess Street, St Albans

FREE, please register here.

Early Harvest is a dynamic after-school program that brings together an editorial team of upper-primary students from Melbourne’s west, and provides them with mentoring and workshops to publish an issue of the yearly literary journal. All proceeds from the sale of the magazine go back to 100 Story Building’s free literacy programs.

This year’s Early Harvest program was made possible thanks to support from Bank of Melbourne Neighbourhood Fund. The issue six launch is supported by Brimbank City Council.

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