Cure 100


In April this year, a group of intrepid grade 7 students from Footscray City College joined forces with guest facilitator Adrian Lucas-Healey to find out if collaborative games could make the world a better place. Over the year they worked together every week after school on uncovering the principles of game design, storytelling and collective action in games. They went through various iterations of The Apocalypse and out the other side, succumbed to a multitude of diseased food and predatory animal attacks and helped each other to regenerate as the days stretched in to weeks. Finally, in December, they launched their findings to the world.

This is what they discovered.

CURE 100

A scientist sees a meteorite hurdling towards the Earth. He tries to warn everyone about it but no one listens because they think he is crazy, so he tries to escape it alone. The meteorite then lands a couple of days later, infecting Earth with a disease later named the “Corruption”.

The “Corruption” slowly spreads, smothering the land and making plants and animals more dangerous.

The scientist then joins a group of lucky survivors (you and your friends) to try and find the cure.