Don’t be late for Early Harvest!

Early Harvest, the literary magazine published by children for children, is now looking for submissions!

Do youlike to write stories? Do you like to write poetry? Do you like to write comics? No, not just write comics, draw comics too! Do you like to write and draw comics? If you like to do any of these things, we want to hear from you.

The theme of the magazine is secret. No, really. It is SECRET. ‘SECRETS’ is the theme. Your story might be about a well-known secret. Or perhaps a big secret is revealed halfway through your poem. Or maybe your comic has a secret message in its panels. Secret worlds. Secret identities. Secrets that are too good to be kept secret. These are the sorts of secrets we want to read!

Submissions are open to students from grades three to six. You may submit up to three poems, one comic, or one story (up to 1,000 words).

The deadline is Monday 4th July. Don’t be late for Early Harvest! For information on how to submit, and to receive a submissions coversheet, please email us at