Early Harvest at Readings

Early Harvest at Readings

Ever stood in a bookshop staring at a book wondering if it right for you?

Luckily, you don’t have to do that with our ultimate criminal dossier early harvest issue six, which is now available at Readings Kids bookshop in Carlton.

Just take this Andy Griffiths-created Criminal Mastermind Test below and you’ll have your answer!

“Do you enjoy playing Cluedo, Murder in the Dark and/or Hangman?

Do you own one or more of the following items: invisible ink pen, magnifying glass, trench coat, pop gun, fidget spinner?

Have you ever stepped on an ant, squashed a bug or swatted a fly until it was dead?

Given the choice, would you rather watch Murder on the Orient Express than Peppa Pig?

And, given another choice, would you rather murder Peppa Pig than ever have to sit through another stupid episode?

Are you crazy about stories featuring bank-robbing snails, evil caterpillars and mysterious men in black felt coats?

If you answered ‘yes’ to three to five questions, you are a criminal mastermind (but you already knew that). You will love this magazine!

If you scored ‘yes’ to one to two questions, you are not especially criminal, but I still don’t trust you to look after my goldfish for the weekend. You will love this magazine!

If you answered ‘yes’ to none of the above, you are a really innocent, sweet, kind person. You are what criminal masterminds call a ‘victim’, ‘target’ or ‘mark’. You will love this magazine!”

early harvest issue six was produced as a part of our Early Harvest program. The program brings together an editorial board of upper-primary students, and provides them with mentoring and workshops to publish an issue of the yearly literary journal early harvest.

The 2018 program has already started! This year, we are taking our storytelling kit to Greater Dandenong. Year 5 and 6 students from six schools in the region are collaborating with us for early harvest issue seven. Stay tuned!

Want this in your local bookstore? Get in touch! Contact our Communications Coordinator Chetna Mahadik at chetna@100storybuilding.org.au or on 9044 8215.