Early Harvesters. Meet Jennifer and Noami.


WARNING: Saturday 30 November, 2013. 2pm. Doomsday to all earthlings due to the impending apocalypse.

Want to know what you’re in for? There are stories about china dolls that come alive and will laugh at you and about Hannah Stringbean (she lives in a hut and eats kids, if you didn’t know). There are also insights into how it really feels to be a zombie.

We spoke to Jennifer and Noami – two of the editors who conceptualised, commissioned and published this magazine.

Tell us your favourite part about making early harvest. 

J: The end when we had the party. And also friends.

N: Working with Lachlann and the rest of the early harvest crew. I love the early harvest crew, we’re going to miss you guys so much.

Was there anything that didn’t make it in to early harvest, but you wished it had?

J: The ‘God Zombie.’ It was a really short one.

N: I was really worried that the ‘China Doll’s Laugh’ might not be able to get in.

J: Yes, it was so creepy.

N: It was the scariest one.

Would you rather be a zombie or an alien?

J: Zombie

N: Zombie.


J: We want bodies.

N: Yeah, we want bodies.

N: Zombies are dangerous though.

J: Aliens look ugly, maybe if they cleaned up.

N: Yeah, zombies look better.

J: Aliens are distorted, but zombies are so pale.

N: I read an alien story, where the alien is like really, really hot.

If you could build an alien creature from scratch, what would be its best feature?

N: Lips and unique eyes. Purple eyes, between blue and violet.

J: And what about the powers?

N: I dunno… hypnotising. Or what’s that thing, persuasion.

J: That’s like every power.

N:  It can hypnotise and persuade you, so you can’t resist it.

Favourite author?

N: Veronica Roth.

Have you read the new Veronica Roth book?

N: I bought it but I don’t want to read it because I don’t want it to end so I’m not going to read it.

What are you reading instead?

N: Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel.

J: I’ve heard of that one, but it looks too big. I finished Insurgent. Well I skipped some bits.    

N: Yeah same, I skipped like a third, about three chapters.

J: Our teachers can’t hear us can they? They’ll kill me.

Noami is a pro bookworm and loves creepy stuff and is crazy about music and can name every song from Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and One Direction.
Jennifer is a pro at being a One-Directioner, Belieber and Janoskianator. She LOVES monkeys and chocolate. When she grows up, she wants to be part of the media.

Early Harvest Cover

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