Early Harvesters. Meet Miab.

Miab sneaking down trapdoor

WARNING: Saturday 30 November, 2013. 2pm. Doomsday to all earthlings due to the impending apocalypse.*

Who, you may ask, are the masterminds behind this intergalactic event, about to unleash a tide of undead, alien and freaky stories amongst us?

As we count down to the launch of early harvest’s second issue, we’ll take a sneak peek into the brains of the young editors who conceptualised, commissioned and published this magazine. Here’s hoping there are no zombies out there reading this.**

First up, we asked Miab some questions.

Tell us your favourite part about making early harvest

Writing the choose-your-own adventure.

Was there anything that didn’t make it in to early harvest, but you wished it had? 

There was this really cute book by this little girl, it would be kind of cool if she got it in. It didn’t make much sense the first time you read it, but if you read it again it made sense.

It was about this person who got attacked by zombies or something like that. It was very cute.

Would you rather be a zombie or an alien? 

An alien. Because I could get in a spaceship because if you are a zombie you have to walk everywhere but if you’re an alien all you do is get in to this amazing spaceship, who knows what’s in it. A kebab shop, a shopping centre, everything!

If you could build an alien creature from scratch, what would be its best feature?

Its head. Cause it has those antennas and I would do swirly antennas.

What’s your favourite story in early harvest?

China Dolls Laugh. Because other stories get their ideas from other books, but I’m pretty sure this person just thought of it themselves and wrote it.

Favourite author?

Enid Blyton cause I like mystery and she writes really good mystery stories.

Favourite book? 

Butterfly Summer. Because it’s a mystery and I really like mysteries.

Miab is the biggest girly girl ever. She may look quiet but she has a loud side that you don’t want to see. Her favourite food is ice cream. 

Early Harvest Cover

Make sure you’re prepared for the apocalypse. Pre-purchase issue two of early harvest now!

*OK, it’s not really the end of the world. Only the end of the world WITHOUT issue two of early harvest. You should be glad that world is ending.

**It wouldn’t be a good look if one of the young editors’ brains was eaten prematurely. Right?