Early Harvest #5 Interview: Mervin & Nahwonmiah

Early Harvest editors mervin nahwonmiah

100 Story Building mentor, Britney, interviews this year’s Early Harvest editors.

Britney: Hi, can you just introduce yourselves and one fact?

Nahwonmiah: Hi I’m Nahwonmiah.
Mervin: Hi I’m Mervin.
N: One fact about me is that I am obsessed with Nike.
B: Yup I can see that.
M: One fact about me is that I am obsessed with basketball.

B: Nice. Do you play basketball (to Nahwonmiah)?
Nope, soccer.

B: So what got you guys into Early Harvest?
They came to our school and our teacher asked who wanted to come. We said that we wanted to so we asked our teacher… then we had to go online to fill in more information. There was a student in our class that forgot to fill in the note and handed it in late, so we got to go instead!

B: So what year are you guys in?
We’re in year 6 but I’m meant to be in year 5 [so is Mary – another Early Harvester from their school].

B: Do you guys have any other hobbies?
I like eating charcoal chicken. I have $13.95 so buy some.
B: To buy chicken?
Yeah so that he can buy KFC and charcoal chicken. He’s extremely dodgy.
N: I usually get discounts because I go there all the time.
M: Hobbies? Probably reading books.

B: What’s your favourite book?
Probably Andy Griffiths’ books.
N: I like Paul Jennings. I don’t really like reading. Well I do, but the books they give us are usually boring.
M: Yeah, I like writing better.

B: Same. Anyways, so far, what do you like the most for Early Harvest?
I like how the guests come in.
N: For me is when they play music.
M: Oh and when we play games in the morning.

B: Do you guys like being here?
Yeah, it’s fun.
N: Can we come back next year even though we’re in year 7?

B: Maybe not for Early Harvest but there are other workshops for writing or reading. Are you excited for high school?
M: I am but he’s not.

B: Last question, if you could do one impossible thing what would it be?
Have magic powers. Oh! I can take all my money back after using it, so like when you spend all your money and it just comes back.
M: Eat as much food as I can and never get fat.
N: Yeah, and be like Deadpool. Be immortal and just eat, eat, eat and nothing happens.

B: Cool, thanks guys!

Britney is a sixteen year old blueberry living the typical fruit salad life. When she’s not busy trying to get her fruity life together or studying fruitology (she means biology), she is busy running in the woods with deers, rabbits and possums or swimming in the ocean with dolphins in her procrastinating mind. If not, you’ll find her doodling and spilling creative lines on paper instead of her homework… productive and healthy.

Early Harvest is a dynamic after-school program that brings together an editorial team of upper-primary students from Melbourne’s west, and provides them with mentoring and workshops to publish an issue of the yearly literary journal. The 2016 issue of Early Harvest will be released on Wednesday 9th November, with all profits going back to 100 Story Building’s free literacy programs. Click here to find out more.