First Pigeons book nearly finished!

The stories are now complete! Having put a huge effort in to redrafting, editing and proofreading, the students and authors have finished their tales – and what an eclectic collection of tales it is. They cover a huge range of genres and themes, but to give you a taste, here are just a couple of synopses:

  • A poignant study on human aggression, that also features an anti-dougnut terrorist group
  • A surreal exploration of family relations, starring a thylacine, a puffer fish, and a penny farthing bicycle
  • An ecological parable on the power of one, set against the backdrop of an alien invasion
  • A journey of discovery, in which a pro fashion surfer realises his potential in the face of adversity that comes in the shape of a thieving giant.

The stories – 23 in all – will be published in one 200 page volume, along with excerpts from their correspondence with their collaborators.

We are due to go to print in a week, and are busy finalising content and cover art. Exciting times!