Fonts? Fonts!

Halfway through our Early Harvest design workshop with harvest magazine designer Imogen Stubbs, the conversation turned to the topic of fonts.

And stayed there for about half an hour.

It seems the young editors of Early Harvest have a thing for typography and were excited about the chance to share their ideas, opinions and observations on how different typefaces work in different ways. Just as they have shared their thoughts on books, magazine design and storytelling.

Over the past eight weeks, the editorial board have considered the bookseller’s perspective with Kate O’Donnell from the Younger Sun bookshop in Yarraville; written a call for submissions with Dumbo Feather editor Patrick Pittman; discussed constructive feedback with Penguin editor Claire Hume; and uncovered the secret code of proofreader’s mark-up with Hardie Grant Egmont editor Marisa Pintado.
Throughout the program, Early Harvest partners Davina Bell and Emma Hewitt have worked alongside the Pigeons team to help the young editors pull all these elements together for the creation of their own magazine. And with stories, poems and comics already starting to come in from around Melbourne, the young editors are looking forward to donning their special Editorial ‘Eagle Eye’ glasses and beginning the reviewing process!
Early Harvest is proudly supported by Maribyrnong City Council.