For Libraries, Galleries and Festivals

We deliver creative storytelling workshops at libraries, community events and festivals and art galleries. 

In Libraries

Engage the young writers in your community with our imaginative storytelling workshops. 

We take young writers on impossible journeys, from secret missions to distant planets to perilous quests on impenetrable islands. Along the way, they experiment in innovative formats for storytelling: from comics to journal entries, podcasts and branching story-lines that video games use. 
Get the children in your library exploring world design, character development, narrative arcs and language play. 

Our workshop facilitators have extensive experience in working with children of all age groups from 7 to 16. We have successfully delivered workshops to St Albans Library, Whitehorse Manningham Libraries and libraries in City of Boroondara. 

You can choose a workshop from our existing suite or we can design a workshop for you.

Contact our Programs Manager Simon Conlon at or 9044 8215 with your inquiries.

In Art Galleries

Use storytelling as a medium to connect children to art! 

We co-design site/exhibit-specific workshops with galleries and art spaces in which children use the artworks on display as inspiration for story writing. It gives children a new and unique way to engage with the artworks.

All young participants leave with an original story crafted by them during the course of the workshop and a completely new perspective on how to approach art in their lives. 

Contact our Programs Manager Simon Conlon at or 9044 8215 with questions. We’d love to hear how to make your art space engaging for children. 

At Festivals and Community Events

We deliver engaging storytelling workshops for 7-12-year-olds at festivals and community events. 

Choose from our standard suite of two-hour storytelling workshops. Alternatively, we can design a workshop for your festival/event, where children engage with the activities at leisure. 

We have delivered workshops to the Melbourne Writers Festival, Boroondara Literature Festival, Williamstown Literature Festival, Roola Boola Children’s Art Festival, Highpoint Shopping Centre and more. 

Contact our Programs Manager Simon Conlon at or 9044 8215 to discuss your requirements.

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