We are a creative space for children and young people based in Footscray, Melbourne. Our mission is to build literacy skills, confidence and sense of belonging that are fundamental to future success.

Here young storytellers write, draw, share and craft their own stories, inspired by the strange creatures and peculiar happenings in the 99 Levels below the trapdoor. To help support their development, we’re putting all 99 Levels of our very deep Building up for sale.

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How to purchase a Level

This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of the hottest property market on earth (just ask the owner of the Volcano Island Level).

We have a Level for every price range so there’s no need for a bank loan here. Each Level even comes with its own special key and Owners Deed (for real).

  • Step 1
    Scroll through our weird & wonderful levels below and select your favourite.
  • Step 2
    Click 'Buy now' and complete your purchase on our Chuffed payment page.
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    We'll send your Level key and Owners Deed in 3-5 business days.

By buying a level you’ll be supporting the creativity of our young writers, and joining a generous community of imagination investors (and maybe the odd Zombie or two).

All donations above $2 are tax deductible.

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Doom Diamond Level

Robot Testing Level

Next level $5,000

Volcano Island Level

Anti Gravity Chamber Level

Time Travel Level

Top Secret Level

Collosal Bubble Level

Next level $2,000

Launch Pad Level

Giant Kitten Level

Next level $1,500

Selfie Backdrops for Aliens Level

Mutant Vegetable Level

Next level $1,000

8-Bit Level

Rollercoaster Level

The Sinking Titanic Level

The Treasure Chest Hunt Level

Secret Library Level

Next level $500

Weird and Wonderful Incubator Level

Space Playground Level

The Amazing Teleporter Level

Narwhal Level

Stepford Living Room Level

Next level $250

Singing Tree Level

The Scheming Spider Level

Dematerialize Level

Sealife Observation Dome Level

Skipping Llama Farm Level

Next level $200

Dino Speak Level

Ghost Level

The Phantom Birthday Party Level

The Darger Dragon Level

Feelings Generator Level

Dinosaur Prepatory Class Level

Step into the Next Dimension Level

Unicorn Warehouse Level

Next level $100

Gaze into Eternity Level

Timeless Clock Level

Zombie Puppet Show Level

Wizarding Championship Level

Invisible Level

3D Movie Theatre Level

The Jumping Jellyfish Level

The Staircase to Nowhere Level

X-Ray Level

Neverending Staircase Level

Bank Robber Level

Zombie Princess Locked in a Tower Level

Bearmerald Level

Giant Centipede Level

Yeti vs Giant Tortoise Level

Animal DNA Mixing Lab Level

Self Multiplying Cushion Level

Next level $50

The Intermission Level

The Exploding Toilet Level

A Gold room on 'The level of many rooms'

Mariana Trench Level Level

The Arctic Pool Level

Imagination Visa Check Level

Voice Activated Cloud Level

The Flying Bread Level

Poisonous Gas Level

Monster Optician Level

Two-Headed Painter Level

Radioactivity Shelter Level

Next level $25

The Missing Monster Level

1001 Evil Eye Level

World's longest Scarf Level

Marshmallow Robber Gaol Level

Contraption Level

Dungeon Door Level

Rear Window Level

Lion, Ram and Scorpion Level

Chicken Pox Ward Level

Giant Mutant Grasshopper Level

Spare Parts Level

Cranky Snowmen Level

Zombie Basement Level

Monster Waiting Room Level

Secret Underground Cave Level

A Silver room on 'The level of many rooms'

Next level $10

Shipwreck Level

Maze to Nowhere Level

The Deep Freeze Level

Mutant Ponytail Level

Whispering Window Level

The Bathtub Level

Giant Stomach Level

Talking Network Node Level

The Snowman in a Bottle Level

Giant Feet Level

The Hiding Croc Level

The Famous Lost Blue Pencil Level

Evil Toaster Level

Building Incident Report level Level

Seaweed Forest Level

Basement Plumbing Level

Indignant Snow Level

Zombieflix Level

Garbage Dump Level

Next level $5

A Room on 'The Level of Many Rooms'

We thank Simon, Jeta, Meer, Archie, Augie, Ella, Alana, Angus, Ellie, Darcy, Mia, Brigid and Grade 3 & 4 students of Holy Eucharist Primary School for figuring out the 99 Levels with the help of the Lost and Found notice board on Level 100. We also thank Jessica Wilson and Matt Hobson for bringing their stories to life through their illustrations!

We also thank the creative agency The Royals for helping us put together and launch the campaign!

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Who discovered these amazing Levels?
The young writers at 100 Story Building, specifically; Simon, Jeta, Meer, Archie, Augie, Ella, Alana, Angus, Ellie, Darcy, Mia, Brigid and Grade 3 & 4 students of Holy Eucharist Primary School (with a little help from the Lost and Found notice board on Level 100)

We also thank Jessica Wilson and Matt Hobson for bringing these stories to life through their illustrations and creative agency The Royals for helping us launch this campaign.

What is Chuffed?
Chuffed is the donation platform, who handle all our payments. You can purchase with any credit card or through PayPal.

When will I receive my rewards?
We’ll send the key to your Level and Owners Deed in 3-5 business days. (Just as soon as the Kittens on the Giant Kitten Level stop playing with them.)

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes! All donations above are tax deductible. No negative gearing needed here!

What if there’s a water leak on my Level? Well if you’re on the Sinking Titanic Level there’s not much we can do. Our best advice is to head to the nearest exit and hitch a ride on a Narwhal.

What if I have a noise complaint?
All building noise complaints should be sent to the 1001 Evil Eye Level. They’re all ears.

Still got questions?
We’d love to hear from you, please email us here.