Gaming Early Harvest


It isn’t easy for any of us at early harvest to admit this. But (said in a monotone voice) we know not everyone likes reading stories…

However! We do. We think reading and writing is fundamentally fun. Once you’ve read early harvest, obviously you will too. Just to get you hooked though, we’ll tell you what the editors got up to this week: making games!

It is indisputable that every person likes a good game. Storytelling is in games too though. Games can give you just as many feelings as a good book does. With the help of our decidedly super-fun, lots-of-excited-yelling-inducing friend Ben McKenzie of Pop Up Playground, we learnt we could excite our readers, scare our readers, make our readers laugh, and actually cry (but probably ‘cos of the laughter) with very few words at all, really. Just enough words to explain the rules of a game.

We discussed what makes a game bad: too much luck or not enough? And people having to wait aaaagesfor the game to end even when they know they won’t win (very boring)! So, as to what makes a game good? What will make our game so good? Everyone having a chance at winning… even right until the very end. Indeed, when we crash-tested our games, it started off with players miles apart and ended neck and neck. It was intense. At one point it was heard (amongst members of the same team, no less) ‘I’ll kill you!’

Ben said later we really did have a pretty good knack for making games though, so I think we’ll be seeing a few in the next edition of early harvest. You might have to wait until it’s out to see the full prowess of our game-making abilities. For now, we share with you some very early blueprints, to be interpreted whichever way you please:

1. 3 dinosaurs on each team.
2. Caves are safe.
3. Last one alive wins.
4. When you do a loop you can eat another dinosaur.

Good luck!