Great Wall of Comics Explosion

100StoryB_Great Wall of Comics

We declare our Great Wall of Comics at the Children’s Book Festival 2013 to be the greatest wall of comics ever made. Don’t believe us? Well, the always-awesome Bernard Caleo told kids in his workshop that making comics was the best thing you could do in your life ever. Ergo almost 300 kids building a giant wall full of them must be the greatest thing ever made. Right?

In the beginning, there were many stories about Wuggis Duggis and Stick Stook Ackin Ook, characters created by illustrator Douglas Holgate. They joined us for the day to inspire the kids, and ended up doing cool things like playing football, escaping sticky situations and hanging out with cats.

CBF13_Great Wall comics closup

For a while there, the very tall black wall of Experimedia looked like it would never be conquered. But the Great Wall of Comics octopi-ed out with slime monsters, Mr Squiggle, talking muffins, dinosaur extinction theories, Mum swimming, disastrous-but-for-the-helmet bungee jumps and even a story about coming to the Children’s Book Festival and drawing a comic for the Great Wall of Comics.

Extra-special mention goes to the echidna who tried to blow up a balloon.


Thank you to all the kids and bigger kids who swung by and contributed to the walls. That’s right, you all did so well we had to make TWO WALLS FULL.

CBF13_Great Wall of  Comics gif

Greatest. Day. Ever.