Happy Publication Early Harvest!

Early Harvest 2013 Editorial Board

How do you survive a zombie-alien apocalypse? These young editors know how. Last Saturday they gathered their nearest and dearest together to share this essential knowledge. And thanks to the literary magazine they created, you can survive the apocalypse too!

With a Thriller introduction and a strangely subdued* Sally Rippin, the Early Harvest Editorial Board launched the latest issue of early harvest. This spooky and spectacular collection of stories, comics, poems, games and artwork was created by 13 young editors during a three month after-school program. They commissioned work from 15 young authors, briefed 14 professional illustrators and ensured that this year’s early harvest was bright, shiny and awesome.

Throughout the project, the young editors were mentored by volunteer experts from The Lifted BrowVoiceworks and Penguin Books, as well as comics and gaming gurus.


So, if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be a zombie, dreamt about getting stuck in a brain or looked up at the stars and thought ‘wow’, then this mag is for you. And if you’re a human and thinking that some insider knowledge on a zombie-alien ending to the world would come in handy, then this mag is definitely for you.

It’s a cracking good read, so get your hands on a copy stat!

Early Harvest is a collaboration between 100 Story Building, harvest magazine and Emma Hewitt. We’d like to give a great big shout out to all these rad people who shared their knowledge and expertise with the young editors: Kat Muscat, Sam Cooney, Bernard Caleo, Paul Callaghan and Jane Godwin.

*Guys. It’s been discovered that Sally Rippin is actually a zombie. Yep. Fact.

Sally Rippin zombie and Early Harvest editorial board members Jennifer and Naomi

Photos by Percy Caceres.