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It’s been more than half of 2015 and the next Early Harvest is about to be in stock – the next bunch of editors are gathering stories for early harvest issue #4. As a previous editor of the first edition and a mentor for the 2014 edition of Early Harvest, I have decided to share some thoughts with you.

It was the year of 2011 (don’t get so ancient) and I was trying to find something to occupy my time. A small poster advertising a new program called Early Harvest said they were looking for some students to participate. Now as a Year 6 with so much free time and a wild imagination (as an obsessive Potterhead), this was something I couldn’t miss. So on a Wednesday afternoon at West Footscray Library in a small meeting room was where I met Lachlann. He was a kind and humorous man who let me and the rest of the 2011 editorial team throw ideas at the whiteboard so it would almost be filled up. After weeks of suffering (from editing), laughter and commitment, we were all excited to finally have a hard copy of early harvest. It has now been 4 years since I last spoke to my editorial team, but we have crossed paths occasionally here at 100 Story Building!

So after that I started high school and focused on my studies. As I settled into the high school setting, I was able to slowly drift into my own world of books and imagination. Despite how hard times have been, I always tried to turn into my universe. In 2015 I found 100 Story Building by chance and finally started to get back into my routine. It was also the year I became a mentor to the 2014 editorial team of Early Harvest. This batch of eager students was exactly like how the team of 2011 was. They were bright, imaginative and had a love for fruit. As a mentor I helped and guide them through the footsteps of being an editor. When their edition of Early Harvest was published, they were so excited! I was proud of them for to be able to experience what many others had gone through.

I now give my position as mentor to a new editor – Miab. My advice to you, chosen one is to remember your experiences and share them to others. Be supportive, helpful and most of all unique!

Darvey is a Year 10 student who has advanced her training with Majesty, her pet dragon and writing skills. She has an obsession with Harry Potter, Korean and Japanese  culture, food and books. She is commonly known to be a wise person [she’s a granny] and childish at the same time. She likes Disney and you can find her singing to a variety of Disney anywhere and anytime.

This year, Early Harvest needs your support. 100 Story Building has raised funds to plan and deliver the Early Harvest workshops and design the magazine. Now we need to print it! Pre-order your copy of early harvest issue #4 now via our Pozible campaign, and support this year’s editors in producing their literary magazine.