In Other Words

Author Alice Pung


With the help of Alice Pung and her true story about green vomit, we have kicked off ‘In Other Words’, our major project for 2012, working with grade prep, one and two classes at Dinjerra Primary School in Braybrook.

Alice, the award-winning author of ‘Unpolished Gem’ and ‘Her Father’s Daughter’, and editor of ‘Growing up Asian in Australia’, drew on her experiences as a former student of Dinjerra Primary School to share some slightly embarrassing personal tales with the young students.

Tariro Mavondo shares folk stories from Zimbabwe

Alice’s workshop was followed up last week by poet and performer Tariro Mavondo, who shared some folk stories from Zimbabwe, and read an amazing poem she had written for the class about her journey from Zimbabwe to Australia when she was young.

Having shared in some wonderful personal stories, the students will now embark upon the next stage of the project – selecting the personal narratives that they will eventually turn into short films. With a workshop in visual storytelling to be given by the irrepressible Bernard Caleo, the children are well on their way to creating some incredible stories.

This project was made possible through a partnership with Maribyrnong City Council’s ‘River of Words’ Early Literacy Initiative and funding from  the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Best Start Program.