New Pigeons take flight!

‘This is a funny book. I mean, it’s really funny. Seriously. It’s a REALLY funny book.’

So said Toni, a grade five student from Footscray City Primary School, fifteen minutes after being handed a copy of Andrew McDonald’s hilarious debut novel The Greatest Blogger in the World. Toni had just discovered that Andrew would be the author she would be collaborating with over the next six months. And she was suitably excited.

As, indeed, were all members of this class, having each been introduced by way of books to their writing partners. All twenty of them buzzed with questions and ideas; energy levels were peaking.

Thus began another year of Pigeon Letters, connecting these students with some of Melbourne’s most generously talented (and endlessly generous) authors and comic creators: Kirsty Murray, Sally Rippin, Meredith Costain, Michael Pryor, Paul Collins, Gabrielle Wang, Andrew McDonald, Jen Storer, Michael Hyde, Martine Murray, Jackie Kerin, Robert Greenberg, Claire Saxby, Tony Wilson, Bernard Caleo, Mirranda Burton, Alison Lloyd, Jen Breach, George Ivanoff and Sherryl Clark. Twenty creative folk who are about to make a big difference to the worlds of some awesome kids.

We can’t wait for the stories to begin …