Jackie Kerin: 100 Stories Down

altona primary 4

It would seem that there is nothing quite as crazy as creating a collective story where all ideas are woven into the plot. Who would have thought that on Level 53 there was a French woman called ‘Madam’ with a long neck who was trying to hit frogs, with a tennis racket, fired out of a canon, into a volcano? Why? For the prize money of course!

Following this absurdity the visitors from Altona Primary School retired to their desks and drew and wrote tales of hilarious, wonderful weirdness that made the long-necked frog whacker seem perfectly mundane!

altona primary 3

These guys from Altona were so fired up with ideas and stories the building shook! Or was that the mad scientist on Level 19? Hmm.

Jackie Kerin is a 100 Story Building volunteer and a celebrated Australian writer and storyteller.