Kamishibai, Puppets and Popcorn


Paparazzi were most definitely on the scene last night as Prep-Grade 1 students of Dinjerra Primary School walked the In Other Words red carpet, looking very fine in their bowties, sparkles and shiny shoes. Seth, Elizabeth, Armaan and Trixie thanked the wonderful storytellers who helped the students create their own Kamishibai and puppetry stories, and the young writers were all presented with their very own Storytelling Licence.



Then it was off down the hallways to show off their In Other Words films, and the stories they created in the supporting workshops. Of course there was  a stopover (or two) at the popcorn machine.


It was wonderful to see the children showing off their creations to proud families, and all that excitement carried over to the next day.

Big thank you to Stef and Cleo, our fabulous volunteers, for helping the evening to go smoothly. Also thank you to Nadia from Archer Avenue Productions and Percy Caceres for being fabulous paparazzi.

Photos by Percy Caceres.