Keely Talks Early Harvest


Hi! My name is Keely and I’m on the editorial committee of early harvest this year. First of all, I am a massive Panda fan. They are my favourite animals (obviously).

Now back to the serious stuff. Over the last couple of weeks, we received about 100 submissions for early harvest. I had so much fun editing the submissions and I read some really great stories with content I did not think possible from young minds.

Last week we had a games workshop with Ben McKenzie of Pop-Up Playground. Ben is a non-electronic game creator. Because our theme is technology, we thought a game like Hide and Seek could be linked in to this theme. That day we created a game called Hide and Go Cyborg. I’m not going to tell you the rules because it’s a secret. You’ll have to wait until the magazine is printed.

I’m looking forward to briefing an illustrator for the front cover, meeting the designer and … editing submissions!

So far it has been a great experience being on the editorial committee of early harvest issue 4. I’d recommend this role to anyone that is interested in ‘harvesting’ stories. It’s fun when you have the help of an entire editorial team.

Keely is an editorial board member of Early Harvest 2015. In keeping with the technology theme and 100 Story Building’s time machine*, in the future she wishes to either be a vet travelling the world helping sick animals or a zoologist.
*Cheap rental. Can only go one second back or forward in time.

This year, Early Harvest needs your support. 100 Story Building has raised funds to plan and deliver the Early Harvest workshops and design the magazine. Now we need to print it! Pre-order your copy of early harvest issue #4 before 15 September via our Pozible campaign, and support this year’s editors in producing their literary magazine.