Level 63 Zoo: Incident Reports

Welcome to the Level 63 Zoo
This zoo is home to many animals, such as the Mottled Capybara Moth, the Barking Snake and, the visitor favourite, the Jumping Tiger Seal. However, with all these new and exciting animals come countless perils – which is why we enlisted the help of our workshop participants. After a recent spate of escapes and eaten park-goers, the Council of Zookeepers has proclaimed that we need to record an incident log. So if anything life threatening does occur, a well documented record can be kept.

If you have a zoo related incident to report…

The offical log can be found at 100 Story Building. If you see any suspicious and disruptive behaviour or activity at the Level 63 Zoo, please report right away!

Things to include about your incident:

  • What animal was involved?
  • What section of the zoo did this incident occur?
  • What were you doing at the time?
  • Was anyone injured or was any property damaged?
  • What happened? Try to keep it short and neat. You may be panicking, but that’s no reason for your handwriting to be illegible.

Yours truly,
P. Jons
Head Zoo Keeper