Literacy Loves Storytelling

This week, we’re sharing a Kamishibai tale by a young storyteller named Seth from Dinjerra Primary School in Braybrook. Seth created and recorded this story during the In Other Words project last year, and was a star of two big screens when his and his fellow storyteller’s films were shown on the main screen in Melbourne’s Federation Square and on TV.

In the latest issue of Connections, 100 Story Building board director Dr Pam Macintyre describes how oral language skills are integral to literacy development:

Children, even young ones, have valuable and important stories to tell. They also enjoy listening to and learning from the stories of experts and their peers.

Expanding repertoires of oral language, exploring and celebrating those ‘unusual’ words (palindromes, neologisms, portmanteau words, homonyms, homophones) can be a great pleasure for teachers and learners as can sharing meaningful, crafted stories.

She also has some great tips on how to bring storytelling in to the classroom.