Madame Mulemallet’s Prophecies


Did we mention that sometimes special guests drop in for BooWriClu? This week we had the fortune to be visited by Madame Mulemallet, a world-famous palmistry practitioner, futurist and relationship guru. If you were feeling retrograde yesterday and looking for some direction in your life, you should have stopped in to experience the wonder and insight that this extraordinary woman has in to your future story.

In lieu of a personalised reading, we at 100 Story Building have consented to share with you our journeys forward to a time far, far away. Or tomorrow, as the case may be. We hope you will find resolution and understanding of your own situation through experiencing ours, but not too much because, hey, it’s not nice to pirate someone else’s palm reading.

Madame Mulemallet

  • Will live for (up to? a further?) 30 years.
  • Gets a pet monkey! With a pink bum.
  • Will travel to 3 countries. Egypt, India and … Africa.
  • Work is typing lots.
  • Dies by shrinking. But it will take 30 years so don’t panic.
  • For work, looks at people’s insides and helps them.
  • Live in a castle and has a maid.
  • Gets a pet goldfish (goldfish dies after 3 days).
  • Will marry a pop star who is rich and famous.
  • Will live to be more than 35.
  • Has lots of lines on his hand.
  • Will have 2 wives named Caroline and Zoe.
  • Zoe is a loud wife.
  • Will have a pet turtle.
  • Will have 2 children.
  • Travels.

Heartfelt thanks to Madame Mulemallet’s assistants Petra and Jessie.