Meet the Volunteers: Dom


Am I still here? Wait lemme have five more minutes of sleep…



AND GOOD MORNING/AFTERNOON/EVENING TO YOU ALL! I’m back from a doing pile of homework that I didn’t do because Sherlock Holmes and am back at 100 Story Building not on vacation purposes, but as an after-school activity! One thing to do after getting your brain filled with boring facts is go to a place filled with books and knowledge…of IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY! *yay*

Programs after school at 100 Story Building are back on for kids and young adults alike! We have some new things we’re preparing for. Not that like something to do with games and designing or a black wall that may be turned into space…. okay I need to keep my mouth shut.

Now as you all know (probably), I attend the Level 87 Book Club which runs on Thursday afternoons. I have a crazy time there along with some other friends and the poor volunteers have to deal with us and I happen to be the most loudest and annoying person of all. I got to interview Dom, who every week comes up with a different word/book based game for us to play before we talk about what we’ve been reading.

D: What type of books do you enjoy reading?

Dom: I enjoy historical fiction. Mainly based on Roman and the medieval era.

D: What has brought you here to volunteer at 100 Story Building?

Dom: I enjoy reading and writing. I like to encourage imagination and creative writing.

D: Can you name all the dwarves from The Hobbit?

Dom: There’s….*waits a minute* The main one…Armitage…Thorin! Then there’s…how many?

D: Thirteen *laughs evilly*

Dom: Thirteen? Most of them don’t seem to be there! *pauses* …is there a Bowlin?

D: Close enough. You want to keep going? I have asked Sebastian and Sam this question. So far Sam was only able to name four.

Dom: Alright…Fili…Kili….Dwolin?

D: I think that’ll do. If you had to choose, which book universe would you live you in and why?

Dom: Harry Potter because the idea of magic sounds fun and idealistic. I also want to visit the jokeshop [Weasleys’ Whezzes]

D: What was the last book you read?

Dom: *pauses* …I don’t know. I read 3 books at the same time….It might be the Last Crusader. It implies I enjoy historical fiction.

D: Now. You should know this judging by me and the fact that I’ve asked others this very important question. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and why?

Dom: *judges me* …I know your favorite character…but I like smart characters. I would say Snape and Hermione Granger. Snape for he is a very complex character and Hermione because she’s very intelligent, and she also knows when to think outside the box.

Dom and I have known each other since last year so to get to know him a bit more was fun. What was more fun was the struggle that he went through to name the dwarves. So far he holds the record of five dwarves [I’m too nice] and I hope the other volunteers start studying! Smaug will come for you!

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Darvey is a Year 10 student who has advanced her training with Majesty, her pet dragon and writing skills. She has an obsession with Harry Potter, Korean culture, food and books. She is commonly known to be a wise person [she’s a granny] and childish at the same time. She likes Disney and you can find her singing to a variety of Disney anywhere and anytime.