Meet the Young Editors: Gary

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A lovely gentleman you shall be meeting is Gary! This young man – boy – answers questions from the usual and awkward interviewer.

D: Question number one. What was your most recent midnight snack?

G: Milk?

D: What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when someone says ‘books’?

G: Babies! It might be weird, but …

D: That’s okay. My friend is doing a poem on babies in Italian. What place is your reading nook and why?

G: Basically any kind of place that is quiet, peaceful.

D: What mythical creature would you like as a friend?

G: Medusa! Because when I’m going to see her, I’d have to put a paper bag over my head. And then I’d show her to my friends because I want them to die.

D: Oh wow. That’s vicious. What do you say to people who don’t like the books or series you love?

G: Read it and you WILL like it.

D: Which character would you have as a sibling and why?

G: Captain Underpants.

D: Why?

G: Basically he has superpowers.

D: Mmhmm, ‘superpowers.’ Until the second book. Now the final question! And a very important one: who is your favourite Harry Potter character and why?

G: (whispers) Yes! I love this! (louder) Snape!


G: Because in the first few episodes-

D: Episodes? Excuse me?

G: I’ve watched it. It seems like he’s evil but up to the end he’s actually not. He’s the good one! But – who was that guy, the reptile guy?

D: The reptile guy?

G: The one who has a lizard as a pet?

D: A snake, you mean?

G: No.

D:  A lizard. I don’t remember a lizard. You mean Voldemort?

G: No, he wears an Indian kind of hat.

D: Professor Quirrell!

G: Yes. When I found out he was the bad one I was actually pretty shocked.

D: Oooooooooooh. Wow now I have something to talk about! That’s the exact same reason I like Snape. I think we’re ready now!

“Underpants? Snape? My this was a real fantastic interview I sat down with Gary. You are warned everyone: If he has a friend called Medusa, don’t underestimate him! Signing off folks!”

Signed out – Darvey.


Darvey is a mentor for the Early Harvest team 2014. She is currently a Year 9 student studying magic and dragons important high school stuff. Darvey was actually a member of the first edition of the Early Harvest team! How cool is that!? Her current interests is Harry Potter, books, writing and Korean related stuff.