Meet the Young Editors: Ilan

Photo of Early Harvest 2014 editors: (l-r) Halima, Lily and Ilan

Early Harvest 2014 editors: (l-r) Halima, Lily and Ilan

Welcome back everybody! The year 2014 is now long gone and 2015 is here!

YAYY~ *throws confetti in the air*

Ever since the Early Harvest issue 3 launch on November 15th, the young editors have resorted to their normal lives of being students. Some were preparing for their new start in high school – good luck my dear friends! Make new memories and don’t slack! Study hard! – while the rest have stepped into new shoes to walk in for the rest of the year. I hope for all the best for the 2014 Early Harvest team and to never stop reading! Stay tuned for updates on the 2015 issue, but in the meantime buckle up your seat belts folks! I, Darvey have returned with more interviews from the 2014 editorial team! We hit off with curious Ilan, who we discover more of.

D: Name the first thing that comes into your head when someone says ‘butter’

I: Bread.

D: What was the last book you read?

I: Divergent.

D: What is your opinion on people who don’t read books?

I: I think that they won’t grow to be smart, because books teach you a lot of things.

D: Do you remember the last line from the book you are currently reading?

I: I think it was something like, ‘I really like them. I do.’

D: What book was that from?

I: I can’t remember. I don’t pay attention to the title.

D: Who do you like?

I: Who do I-? Wha- what? ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO ASK THAT?!

D: *whispers* Yes.

I: *whispers* Are you? Are you?

D: I’m only kidding! There are three men in a boat. The boat sinks, but only two of the men get their hair wet. Why?

I: I don’t know!

D: Because one was bald. Okay, last and final question. Who is your favourite Harry Potter character and why?

I: I really like Hagrid because he’s really big and he gives bear hugs.

It was an awkward atmosphere between us two, but as we talked we started to giggle and we begin to come at ease with each others presence. As cheeky I was being and Ilan being honest, warmth glowed on our cheeks as we laughed and grinned. 


Once again I hope for the best for everyone who reads this and have a wonderful new year. To the 2014 Early Harvest team do come by and say hello! Now I shall be off and return with more news to come!

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Darvey is a Year 10 student who has advanced her training with Majesty, pet dragon and writing skills. She has an obsession with Harry Potter, Korean culture, food and books. She is commonly known to be a wise person [she’s a granny] and childish at the same time.