Meet the Young Editors: Maeve


Enter reader.

You are aware that you are meeting another editor of Early Harvest 2014. Meet our second young editor Maeve who had a very interesting conversation – uh interview – with Darvey (the awkward Year 9 student in the background and shadows).

Darvey: Are you okay? That’s not an interview question.

Maeve: Yep.

D: Tell me about your name.

M: Well, it’s Irish, like my mum’s background. It’s also a queen that killed everybody. I don’t know. It sounds nice so my parents went with it.

D: Is that your final answer? Okay. If an author had to write a story about your life, which author would you choose?

M: One that would write it very well but I don’t have a specific preference, but probably someone like Patrick Ness.

D: If you had to choose an ice-cream flavour that represents you as a person or personality, which flavour would you be?

M: Which one would I be? Death flavoured ice cream…


M: But if I had to pick one that exists, probably vanilla or coffee because they’re some of my favourites. And I think I’m that sort of a person who would pick something they really like.

D: Well I don’t want to take up too much time but this is a very important question, especially to me and I think you know what it is. Who is your favourite Harry Potter character?

M: Probably Ginny or Ron just because before I read the Harry Potter series everyone said I looked like Ron and then everyone would say I looked like Ginny. So I always understood Ron and Ginny.

D: Do you want me to ask you one more question?

M: YES! I’ve had this in mind since last week. If I had a book character who was my best friend? Max from Where the Wild Things Are cause he could transform my bedroom into a forest. He’s a lot like me. We could have really good adventures.

An interesting conversation we had. Death ice-cream flavour? Mmm … wonder what that tastes like…probably dark and probably to die for! *lame pun insert*. Well that’s all folks!
Signing out, Darvey.