Meet the Young Editors: Poppy.

PoppyAndddd reporting back to Station 394, it’s Reporter Darvey here at Level 87 of 100 Story Building. I have just caught up with another editor of Early Harvest twenty-fourteen, Poppy! I was able to have a delightful chat with Poppy. Let me tell you how it went.

D: Good afternoon Poppy. I am here to ask you some questions. Are you ready?

P: Yep.

D: If you had to pick a character to be your sibling, who would you choose and why?

P: That’s hard.

D: I know. I thought of this question for myself!

P: Um. That’s really hard to choose.

D: It’s harder than picking which one to be your best friend.

P: Yeah. Blergh. Sibling? It’s hard to choose siblings because you want them not to argue, but … well, I don’t know. Maybe Sabriel from Sabriel by Garth Nix because she can fight and she can do magic and she can kill people, which is good.

D: All right. You’re on a plane ride for twelve hours. Pick two books to read while you’re on the plane.

P: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and I’d bring an Agatha Christie novel like a Poirot book because I like murder mysteries. Murder on the Orient Express.

D: Interesting. Who is your book crush?

P: Book crush? I probably do have a book crush, actually.

D: And who is this book crush you have?

P: No. I probably need to think about it!

D: So next question?

P: Yes please.

D: Which character inspires you to be like them?

P: In Little Women there’s this character, she’s one of the sisters but she’s, her name …?

D: I don’t remember the names. I’ve read the book but I don’t remember the names.

P: Beth? She’s the youngest, the second youngest, she’s really kind, really good and does whatever she does to help people and never complains and is the exact opposite of me!

D: Okay! Imagine you’re in a video game, which game is it? This includes Wii and DS.

P: Okay so there’s this game called Botanicula.

D: I don’t think I know that one.

P: It’s by this company that do these very cool drawings and music. It’s leaf and insect things. I don’t know. It’s really cool.

D: Do you take a book with you when you do your business? By business I mean … private business.

P: Which book would I take?

D: No, do you take a book generally?

P: Yeah, always!

D: Good! I’m not alone. Ok you know this question is coming. It’s a very important question. Who is your favourite Harry Potter character?

P: Oh no.

D: I’m going to be asking this question to every single person so tell them to be warned and that they should be thinking!

P: Yep. Favourite Harry Potter character? I like Sirius Black.

D: For what reason?

P: Because he, I don’t know. I couldn’t think of anyone else!

D: What is your favourite quote?

P: Wait. Is something that Yoda says a quote?

D: Yes.

P: I like ‘to be or not to …’ or whatever that one is.

D: I don’t do Star Wars so I don’t know.

P: Does a saying from Doctor Who count?

D: Yeah. Most lines are quotes.

P: I just like ‘Bowties are cool’ from Doctor Who.

D: Did you answer who your book crush was?

P: No. I didn’t answer that one.

D: Do you want to answer that?

P: Well, I’ll think about it. Hehehehe.

I learnt quite a lot from Poppy. Things I never heard of before and things we do know of! Although whoever is reading this: You are not alone. You are not the only one who takes a book with you to the potty. It’s essential. That’s all for now!

Signed out – Darvey.

Darvey is a mentor for the Early Harvest team 2014. She is currently a Year 9 student studying magic and dragons important high school stuff. Darvey was actually a member of the first edition of the Early Harvest team! How cool is that!? Her current interests is Harry Potter, books, writing and Korean related stuff.