Meet the Young Editors: Qonita

Where in the world is DeeTee today eh-? Still here at 100 Story Building Level 87 with another of Early Harvest’s editors, Qonita! We together did a interview – more of a puzzle actually – and discovered the many answers for the struggling questions.

D: I have seven questions for you. Are you ready?

Q: …Yes.

D: That wasn’t one of the questions. If you had to choose a character to be your sibling who would it be and why?

Q: Hmm. It… would… be… that’s very hard. Hermione Granger.

D: And why?

Q: Because I’m not very smart.

D: Okay. Second question. Who is your book hero?

Q: Hmm! Okay. My book hero is Harry Potter.

D: Oooh. What is the last thing you ate out of your lunch box?

Q: Chicken.

D: Very nice. Do you know why a raven is like a writing desk?

Q: Huh?

D: Do you know why a raven is like a writing desk!

Q: Probably because you want it to – I don’t know!

D: What was the last song you sang to?

Q: That I sang to? Hum! I think, I think, I think …

D: I think, I think, I think is a song?

Q: No! It was one of Taylor Swift’s things.

D: Was it her new song?

Q: No. Red.

D: Do you like reading in the day or night?

Q: Both.

D: Now your final and very important question. Who is your favourite Harry Potter character?

Q: Hermione!

D: Because she’s smart, right?

So do you know why a raven is like a writing desk? No one knows. Ask the Mad Hatter if you can find Wonderland. With a lovely chat with another editor, what more do we have for you? Until then folks, adios!

Signed out, Darvey.

Darvey is a mentor for the Early Harvest team 2014. She is currently a Year 9 student studying magic and dragons (important high school stuff). Darvey was actually a member of the first edition of the Early Harvest team! How cool is that!? Her current interests are Harry Potter, books, writing and Korean related stuff.